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75 Year! Made in American since 1940
"I have recently purchased your Jiffy® Model J-2 steamer. It is more than a fine steamer, for me it is a revelation. Thank you for your fine product."
--Clem Artist
Hackensack, NJ
Travel Steamer
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Below is actual testimony from Jiffy® Steamer customers, including customers who make use of our standard garment steamers and Jiffy Esteam travel steamer models. If you would like to send us a testimonial about your experience with the Jiffy Esteam® or other Jiffy® Steamer product, click here to fill out our testimonials form.

Esteam Travel Steamer

I have owned my J-2 steamer since 1997. It worked perfectly for 15 years before I had any trouble with it. When it stopped steaming, we called the repair department and sent it in for cleaning. We were pleased with reasonable cost and the results. Recently it stopped turning on so I emailed the repair department who replied immediately with a possible cause. My husband checked it out, we ordered 2 parts and within a week it is operating as good as when it was new. How wonderful to have something that can actually be repaired these days not to mention a repair department that is quick and courteous. With the clear diagrams they send with the parts I think I could repair it myself next time. I also have the portable steamer and it is an excellent product. Thank you Jiffy Steamer! You are the best.

~ Margie Osborn
   Perry, MI

Esteam Travel Steamer

I have had my Jiffy Steamer since the 1980s. I just found a receipt from 1997 when you repaired the original one. I would like to tell you that you have a magnificent product which I have used for over 30 years. I have recommended your Jiffy Steamer to all my friends. Most people write to complain; I like to write when I am happy with the product. I am a satisfied customer.

~ Irene Hernandez
   Coral Gables, FL

Esteam Travel Steamer

Christmas came a little early – someone really wanted to exchange one gift each tonight, so I chose the big box that I was sure held my new Jiffy garment steamer. I am thrilled. This is the product I should have bought ten years ago, but I admit I went the cheap route. A design flaw of an inferior product eventually led to me throwing it away.

Your product is wonderful. I have the model J-2000. From the heavy electrical cord, to the beautifully-machined aluminum hanging rod…the heavy brass coupling for the steam hose, the included wrench (that attaches via magnet to the metal bottom plate of the unit)…to your owners’ manual! Wiring diagrams! Telephone number to your repair line and customer service! A parts list and a three year warranty! I am blown away. This is no doubt one of the best products I have owned since my mother invested in a rosewood Fuller Brush Company hairbrush in the 1970s. (I still have it).

~ Pam Vetter
   Austin, TX

Esteam Travel Steamer

As I used my Jiffy Steamer tonight, it occurred to me that I might hold a record with your company. Almost 42 years ago, I received this steamer as a wedding present from a family friend and former boss, David Roos, owner of the Melvin S. Roos Company in Atlanta. The Roos Company was, and is, a national Company selling store fixtures, hangers, mannequins and seasonal store decorations. I worked for them part-time from the ages of 11-18. I worked as a corporate attorney then executive for 25 years, and steamed my suits almost every day before work. I still use it regularly to steam shirts and pants and suits (on rare occasions), having been retired for a while. 42 years WITHOUT A SINGLE PROBLEM! The only other thing in my life that has worked that long and well is my marriage. I just had to write to let you know. Feel free to use this testimonial as you see fit. You earned it.

~ Tom Reiman
   Highland Park, IL

Esteam Travel Steamer

Thank you for honoring your commitment to your product even as I approach the end of my warranty. When I purchased mine, the vendor assured me of your company’s promise and I was thrilled to learn that it is true. Until today I have relied on my steamer for my business and it has performed faithfully. I will be very happy to have it back working for me again. Thank you again!

~ Miko L.
   San Francisco, CA

Esteam Travel Steamer

I just wanted to tell you that I have been using your product for many years. I was at my aunt’s clothing store when I first saw your steamers. I am left handed and was always getting burned using irons for right handed people! For Christmas 1990, I asked my mom to buy me a steamer. I have been using it ever since. I love it! It’s your anniversary model 50th anniversary so it’s kind of special. It says 1940-1990 on it. I am ordering a new hose for it today. I just wanted to say thank you for making one of my favorite things. I could not be without such a great tool! I hope that this letter finds the people who make them. Maybe put it up in the lunch room so others can smile... like I do every time I use it!

~ Kelly Chartier
   Ontario, Canada

Esteam Travel Steamer

This is an all-out praise for an awesome product! I am a 38 year old plumber from Wisconsin. My parents bought my wife and I another brand garment steamer about 5 years ago for Christmas. We thought it was the greatest thing in the world; no more ironing! Last week the cheap plastic steamer head came apart and fell off. Me being the repairing kind, went online to order a replacement head for it….it was no longer available. So I googled garment steamers, and Jiffy Steamer popped up. I started to investigate your product and realized that your products have been American made since 1940. Then I realized that the J-2 steamer was made out of aluminum! I upgraded to the metal head and the wooden handle as well! I just received the unit this morning, and was so taken with the level of quality, that I was absolutely compelled to write! I also had to comment on the exploded view parts list. You guys actually expect your product to last long enough to need parts! Unfortunately, that is no longer the norm in our “throw away” society! I am so sick of the Chinese made garbage that is flooding into this country! I just wanted you to know that there are still people in this country who care about what they buy, and where it is made and that it is made to last. I will tell everyone I know about your products, and will be ordering your ESTEAM travel steamer soon!

~ Chad Hauckt
   Milwaukee, WI

Esteam Travel Steamer

I have an older Model J-3 Jiffy Steamer that needed some parts/repair. I contacted Jiffy Steamer Company and the friendliness of the staff…from the operator to the parts and repair department…was outstanding! This is a great American company with helpful, knowledgeable employees who really care about their customers.

~ Jon Rundquist
   Fort Wayne, IN

Esteam Travel Steamer

Your service, your equipment and your attention to detail is outstanding in my opinion!

~ Bob Berard
   Maple Shade, NJ

Esteam Travel Steamer

So many thanks to you! I could not be more pleased with your service, the parts you sent and how wonderfully my Jiffy steamer is working. In this unfortunate age of "throw aways", I am so pleased to be able to repair an item rather than replace it. I wish you owned the companies which manufacture my computer, my iron, my water heater, and on and on. I am preparing to do a show of antique garments, and the show will be lovely and easy to do now that my steamer is again working so perfectly.

~ Barbara Agte
   Columbus, New Mexico

Esteam Travel Steamer

I have purchased a total of around ten or more Jiffy Steamers. I LOVE my steamer. Not like it, LOVE it. I steam what I wear the minute I get up each morning.

I steam my drapes on the rod, my sheets on the bed, and the counters in my kitchen and bath. I clean my microwave and oven with it also. I purchased the last one as a gift for a friend. She and her husband are saving over two hundred dollars a month in dry cleaning fees. People need to realize the machine pays for itself. I will continue buying them for friends and family.

Keep up the great work!

~ Donald Beane
   Charleston, WV

Esteam Travel Steamer

Our most recent Jiffy Steamer is from 2001. It is used every day. It is made in the USA, with high quality standards. We should know, we have been upholstering since 1938. We only use the BEST products. Jiffy is one of them.

~ Beth Schramek
   Clearwater, FL

Esteam Travel Steamer

I have been using the ESTEAM hand held steamer by Jiffy at least three times a week for the last four months. I just want to say this is a great product. I use it to take the wrinkles out of my uniform between dry cleanings. My uniform gets wrinkled because I have to store it in a garment bag. So I just fire up the ESTEAM, and all the wrinkles are gone in less than 10 minutes. I recommend this product. It is good to know that this great product is made in the USA!

~ Jason Ho
   San Pedro, CA

Esteam Travel Steamer

Thank you! I love my Jiffy Steamer and use it every week. I truly wonder how i ever lived without it!

~ Cynthia Newman
   Albany, OR

Esteam Travel Steamer

This is the best "investment" I have made this year. When I compare the frequency of use of my Jiffy Steamer to the potential cost of both time and dollars to have a drycleaner simply care for my wardrobe, the Jiffy Steamer I purchased has a great return on the investment!!! Your steamers are superb, your customer service is unsurpassed and most importantly you do solid follow-up with your customers.

~ Boyd P. Relac
   Grand Rapids, MI

Esteam Travel Steamer

There is nothing like a Jiffy. I never send my suits to the cleaners for pressing, and it has paid for itself 100+ times over. Cleaners destroy good suits…Jiffy saves them!

~ Cal Partee, Jr.
   Magnolia, AR

Esteam Travel Steamer

I just bought my J-2 Jiffy Steamer yesterday, but I wish I had bought it thirty-five years ago. I was always very fussy with my irons, but I never knew that a good garment steamer could do so much so fast! I am very impressed. For example, this steamer would have saved me a lot of time and effort over the years every time I needed to prepare my flight attendant uniform for the next day, but it's not too late now to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful garment
steamer now that I'm retired.

~ Celine
   Montreal, Canada

Esteam Travel Steamer

A friend of mine sent me a Jiffy Steamer for my birthday. I feel like a kid with a new toy! It’s awesome. I never realized how many of my clothes I don’t wear all the time, simply because I don’t have time to iron it. Thanks Jiffy Steamer!

~ Ines M. Rivas
   Jupiter, FL

Esteam Travel Steamer

"Dear Jiffy Steamer Customer Service:

I recently purchased a Jiffy® Steamer's ESTEAM® Travel steamer, prior to leaving on a 14 day Italian vacation. My wife was somewhat skeptical due to the fact that neither of us had ever used a "steamer" before. She had seen an infomercial for a competing (not competitive, at all) steamer but when I investigated steamers via Google - every positive thing said "Jiffy is the way to go!” They were all correct but they were too restrained - Jiffy is the only way to go.

My wife was a convert after the first use - a badly wrinkled pair of dress pants came out looking like they were just back from the hotel laundry - without having to pay the $12.00 fee to have it pressed. We used the ESTEAM® every day of the trip and always looked neat and pressed…even after changing hotels five times. We never had to worry about getting our clothes pressed (Italy does not allow hotels to put irons and ironing boards in hotel rooms or to deliver them even upon request). The ESTEAM® was easier to use than an iron, never leaked anything onto our clothes and was much quicker than any iron we had ever used. Our traveling companions were so impressed that after the second day, they asked to borrow our Jiffy ESTEAM® - every day for the next 12 days! The Jiffy ESTEAM® had paid for itself by the end of week 1…at $12.00 per item to pressed, it was no contest.

Based on our experience, I just ordered a residential steamer from Jiffy and look forward to the same great product experience."

~ John F. Reilly III
   Somerset, NJ

Esteam Travel Steamer

"We purchased the ESTEAM to take with us on our recent Caribbean Cruise, and it was GREAT! Great product built by dedicated American workers. If you do not have an ESTEAM I suggest you purchase one now so you can look good and save time while on a business trip or on vacation."

~ Rick Johnson
   Clarksville, TN

Esteam Travel Steamer

"This is just a note to let you know how much I am impressed with your Jiffy Esteam® travel steamer. I am a professional drapery installer of almost 30 years. In the Boston area, we commonly have to walk up many flights of stairs to reach our clients. For smaller jobs, rather than carrying my Jiffy Steamer commercial-grade steamer, the Jiffy Esteam® travel steamer works great! I am especially impressed with the quality of the steam that comes out of the unit, without the effort of all my past handhelds (having to pump, by trigger, the water to a heated sole plate). I get smooth and even steam, very quickly. Four stars to your product, just bought one for a friend, keep up the good work! "

~ Steve Davis
   Boston, MA

Esteam Travel Steamer

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love my Jiffy Esteam® travel steamer. Since I received my steamer, I have become a steam maniac. My family has never looked so good. I even use my Jiffy Esteam to steam my sons' daily t-shirts! Your machine is so easy to use and care free. I have packed my Jiffy Esteam travel steamer on several trips, but especially appreciated it during a recent trip. All of our dress clothes looked fresh and neat, not wrinkled and crumpled. I tell everyone about my Jiffy Esteam travel steamer and plan on buying one for my sister's wedding and for my mother for Christmas! Thank you so much for a fabulous product!"

~ Veronica J. Huchison
   Cincinnati, OH

Esteam Travel Steamer

"Hello Jiffy® Steamer!
I have just ordered a steamer for my daughter. I purchased my mother one when I was in high school 30 years ago. I bought my steamer 25 years ago. Now that my daughter is married, it is time to get her one. I have not used an iron in all those 25 years. I can not verbalize how great I think the Jiffy® Steamer is. I take great pride in getting my daughter a Jiffy® for her home. Our three generations of devoted Jiffy® Steamer users thank you for such a wonderful product.

~ Jackie Johnson
   Newnan, GA

Jiffy Esteam

"Thank you for your help in choosing the correct model Jiffy® Steamer. I purchased the Jiffy Esteam® travel steamer. The product arrived today (I really appreciate the timely delivery and the thoughtful response of your sales department), and I have already tried it out. The Jiffy Esteam® travel steamer performs better than I anticipated; in fact, much better than the appliance it replaced! Thanks again for your assistance."

~ Lee Kilman
   West Simsbury, CT

Esteam Travel Steamer

"I am very impressed with my Jiffy® Steamer. As an engineer, I think the workmanship and design of the unit is very amazing. The magnet mounted wrench blows me away. Very clever and thoughtful. The three part hanger rod is a solid piece of workmanship. Great equipment considering I was a little hesitant to buy it; not sure if it would be quality goods. I will recommend it to all of my friends."

~ Neal Grolnic
   Austin, TX

Esteam Travel Steamer

"I have recently purchased your Jiffy® Model J-2 steamer. It is more than a fine steamer, for me it is a revelation. Thank you for your fine product."

~ Clem Artist
   Hackensack, NJ

Jiffy Esteam

"I purchased your Jiffy Esteam® Steamer yesterday. I want to tell you that I am surprisingly pleased with the quality and performance of the product. I have owned a couple of different brands of hand-held travel steamers in the past and they in no way compare to the Jiffy Esteam. It does a great job!."

~ Candy Bodine
   Coal City, IL

Esteam Travel Steamer


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