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75 Year! Made in American since 1940
"I am very impressed with my Jiffy® Steamer. As an engineer, I think the workmanship and design of the unit is very amazing. I will recommend it to all of my friends."
--Neal Grolnic
Austin, TX
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Say Goodbye to Wrinkled Clothes in a Jiffy®!
June press release detailing the major advantages of using a Jiffy® Steamer over conventional ironing. You will save time, space and most importantly, your expensive and delicate garments from those inevitable iron burns. This product is the perfect multi-tasking tool that every home needs!

UNION CITY, TN (June, 2003) - No one likes to iron--not to mention--really knows how to iron. Many people fear burning the fabric and ruining their clothes. It’s inevitable that even dry cleaned clothes come out of the closet suffering from ‘closet crunch.’ Thanks to Jiffy® Steamer, saying goodbye to wrinkled clothes is easy and can be done in a Jiffy!


For decades, clothing retailers and dry cleaners have trusted the power and ease of steam to care for apparel. Jiffy Steamer, the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of steaming equipment, offers their professional-grade garment steamers to the consumer market. Finally, you can safely and easily achieve wrinkle-free results at home!


“If clothing specialists trust new, expensive and delicate garments to steam, then it is an essential appliance for every household!” states Clint Joiner, part of the third-generation of the family-owned business that was started in 1940.




•Wrinkles are wiped away in an instant without scorching the finest materials.

•Unlike ironing, the gentle method of steaming increases the life of clothing. Steaming breathes new life into fabrics; conversely, ironing crushes clothing fibers.

•Steaming is up to five times faster than ironing.

•Steam can be safely used on both natural and synthetic materials.

•Steam can smooth out the most stubborn and hard-to-reach wrinkles that ironing alone cannot touch.


Jiffy Steamer offers a full line of professional steamers, residential steamers and personal travel steamers. All models are manufactured in the USA with only the finest industrial components available, for the most durable steamer on the market.


Jiffy’s new ESTEAM® (SRP $69.00) is the most powerful hand-held steamer on the market. Utilizing Jiffy’s superior engineering, this lightweight steamer is the perfect travel companion and great for quick touchups at the office and around the home. “We designed the Jiffy ESTEAM to accommodate even the smallest spaces, like on a cruise ship, in a hotel room, or in a college dorm, without compromising the powerful output in this portable unit,” states Joiner.


The residential series model, Model J-2000® (SRP $189.00), is Jiffy’s version of household steamers, with 1300 watts of steaming power. This steamer touts a low profile water reservoir (that operates with tap water) with check-valve system for a no-drip filling. The steamer heats in approximately one minute with over 1.5 hours of steam time per filling! It contains a lightweight, flexible hose or a metal head and wood handle hose attachment. Its easy-roll casters for mobility allow the unit to be transported around the home for dozens of tasks.




Since 1940, Jiffy Steamer has found their versatile steamers can be used in a variety of applications. The flexible hose is available with different heads to serve as a multi-tasking tool around the home.


•Removes wrinkles from household fabrics such as garments, draperies, curtains and tablecloths.

•Freshens upholstery on furniture and in automobiles.

•Kills dust mites in carpeting, bedding, pillows, mattresses and upholstery.

•Easily removes wallpaper and small dents in hardwood floors and furniture.

•Styles wigs and hairpieces. Shapes and blocks hats.


Endorsed by Paul Harvey Radio News, all Jiffy Steamers are guaranteed not to scorch or burn fabric and reduce ironing dramatically. No chemicals and sprays are necessary in the steaming application. All Jiffy Steamers hold electrical and safety certifications with UL, CSA, NOM, ANCE, CE and TUV/GS. Supported by dealers and service centers in over 45 countries and most major markets in the world, Jiffy Steamer Company is the originator and leader in steaming equipment. For more information on Jiffy Steamer Company, LLC, to find a dealer, or place an order please call 1(800) 525-4339 or visit

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