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75 Year! Made in American since 1940
"The ESTEAM ® performs better than I anticipated; in fact, much better than the appliance it replaced! Thanks again for your assistance."
--Lee Kilman
West Simsbury, CT
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2/24/2005 Jiffy® Steamer intoduces the Steamer Travel Case!   Jiffy® Steamer Company is proud to announce our newest product, the Jiffy Steamer Travel Case. Never be without your Jiffy Steamer again! Now you can take your Jiffy Steamer everywhere with our ingeniously designed case.
2/3/2005 Model J-4000 Pro-Line steamers get an upgrade.   Jiffy Steamer manufactures new stainless steel lid to compliment stainless steel boiler tank!
3/22/2004 STEAMING vs IRONING. The Answer to the Debate   A Closer Look into Garment Care: Steaming vs Ironing

Your clothes are an investment. Don't you want to apply the safest, gentlest method for removing wrinkles?
10/21/2003 Jiffy® Steamer introduces Extended Warranty Program!   Jiffy® Steamer is proud to annouce the introduction of an Extended Warranty Program for Travel and Personal Series Jiffy® Steamers.
9/1/2003 Jiffy® Steamer begins use of new shipping tool! Priority One software by SMC³   Jiffy® Steamer Company, LLC is proud to announce the introduction of Priority One shipping software from SMC³. This system combines critical information regarding price, points of service, transit time and preference factors into one carrier selection system. It allows Jiffy® Steamer to quickly analyze each component and identify the best alternative for our dealers, enabling Jiffy to make the correct routing decision quickly and confidently.
8/19/2003 STEAM AWAY OLD WINDOW TINT IN A JIFFY® Update looks with an updated method.   Every professional knows that removing automobile tint can be undeniably irritating. A good tint job is maneuvered in a way that prevents an easy “tint peel-off.” Surprising to some, the use of steam omits the need for razor blades and chemical sprays to remove the tint. With steam, defog lines will not be cut and systems will not be ruined due to poor removal techniques. Jiffy® Steamer has single-handedly solved this tint dilemma by providing a convenient steaming method to remove unwanted tint in a Jiffy!
7/29/2003 JIFFY® STEAMER-AN ADDED VALUE TO ANY CUSTOM CLOSET: Make “closet crunch” a thing of the past!   Custom closets have become a necessity in many homes with amenities ranging from beautiful jewelry trays to sliding belt and tie racks. Though these customer detailed closets provide the organization and convenience essential in every home, nothing makes the ultimate closet complete like Jiffy® Steamer. Fabric steamers are the perfect enhancement for any closet system. With a Jiffy Steamer, you won’t have to stray from where your clothes are stored and any wrinkles can be wiped away in a “Jiffy”!
7/14/2003 Jiffy® Steamer introduces LivePerson to improve customer service and response.   The Jiffy® Steamer website,, has introduced LivePerson. This service enables the customer to chat with a live Jiffy® Steamer customer service representative to answer any questions the customer may have.
7/5/2003 July press release details the benefits and advantages of the Jiffy® Steamer ESTEAM Travel model.   YOU DON’T HAVE TO LOOK LIKE A TOURIST:
Say good-bye to suitcase wrinkles with a Jiffy® Steamer!
7/1/2003 The perfect Wedding Day Gift   JIFFY® STEAMERS combine innovation, convenience, and thoughtfulness: A perfect gift for a lifetime of happiness.

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Jiffy Steamer 0601 ESTEAM Travel Steamer

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