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75 Year! Made in American since 1940
"The ESTEAM ® performs better than I anticipated; in fact, much better than the appliance it replaced! Thanks again for your assistance."
--Lee Kilman
West Simsbury, CT
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Top 20 Clothing Tips
    by Steve Boorstein, THE CLOTHING DOCTOR

 1. Assess your lifestyle and buy for that lifestyle. If you've changed, so should the style of clothing that you buy.
 2. Make a list of your favorite colors, fabrics and styles before you begin to shop. If you need help with this, then get a friend or professional to help you!
 3. Look at the big picture when you shop for clothing; how to wear, care for, clean and store a garment for its entire life.
 4. When you find a salesperson that tells you when not to buy something, then you've really made a connection!
 5. Buy clothing that fits your current body.
 6. Buy clothing that looks great in the store, looks great at home 72 hours later, and stop buying "maybes."
 7. Read all care labels and content labels before you buy.
 8. Before you reach the cash register, do my 6-Point Quality Check™. Hang the garment, spin it around, and spend two minutes to inspect zippers, hooks, hems, seams, snags/stains and buttons.
 9. Buttons mysteriously disappear and often break, so check the sewing and ask for extra buttons at the time of purchase.
 10. To balance your closet, every time you buy a new garment, discard or donate an old one.
 11. Apply hairspray, perfume and deodorant before you dress and let it completely dry.
 12. Never rub a stain, blot only with a dry, white cloth or napkin.
 13. Water-based stains have a line around them like a road map. Oil-based stains are absorbed into the fabric and have no outline.
 14. Never put water or club soda on oily stains; French fries, gravy, lipstick … Most fresh oily stains come out easily in dry cleaning.
 15. Save needless trips to the drycleaner by using a Jiffy Steamer.
 16. Choose a drycleaner for quality, service, convenience, and price - in that order
 17. Show your drycleaner all stains, fabric pills, snags, pressing problems, and minor repairs.
 18. Always remove dry cleaning plastic, but keep the paper shoulder-covers on each garment.
 19. All clothing must be washed or dry cleaned before storing, even if its only been worn for 5 minutes. Insects are attracted to moisture, food particles, perspiration, body oil, cologne and perfume.
 20. Store clothing in dry, well-ventilated areas whenever possible and keep clothing and rugs out of moist basements!

Stain-removal Techniques

The following stain removal techniques are intended for washable items only. To make the diluted dishwashing solution mentioned below, mix one tablespoon of fragrance-free and dye-free soap (containing sodium laurel sulfate, or sodium laureth sulfate) and 10 ounces of water. This may be kept in a spray bottle to facilitate application. Do not use the enzyme detergent (look on the product label under list of ingredients to see if the detergent contains enzymes) below on protein fibers (like wool, silk, angora or cashmere). Never use acetone on acetate and always wash garments that have been treated with a dry solvent (like mineral spirits or acetone). These are simply suggestions and Jiffy Steamer does not warranty the effectiveness of these treatments.

Removal Technique
(oil, mayonnaise, butter, margarine)
After treating the stain with a dry solvent (like mineral spirits or acetone), rinse with isopropyl alcohol and dry thoroughly. Spray the area with the diluted dishwashing-soap solution and soak in an enzyme-detergent before washing.
(blood, egg)
Allow the stain to rest in the diluted dishwashing-soap solution. If, after rinsing in lukewarm water, the stain persists, apply the enzyme detergent and wash as normal.
(juice, jelly)
Begin by applying the diluted dishwashing-soap solution to the area. Next flush the stain with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Finally, treat the area with an enzyme detergent and wash as indicated by label instructions.
GRASS Apply a dry solvent to the stain (making sure to do so in a well-ventilated area). Remove as much of the stain as possible by pressing with cheesecloth and dabbing with a soft-bristled brush. Rinse stain with isopropyl alcohol and allow to dry. Apply an enzyme detergent and wash according to care instructions.
LIPSTICK Begin by scraping as much of the stain off as possible. Apply a dry solvent to the area and dab with a soft brush. Rinse the area with isopropyl alcohol. Continue this process until no pigment remains and allow to dry. Apply diluted dishwashing-soap solution and an enzyme detergent, and wash as usual.
RED WINE Flush the area with the diluted dishwashing-soap mixture and dab gently with a soft-bristled brush. Rinse with water and apply vinegar, dabbing lightly, allowing the item to sit for a few minutes before repeating the process. If the stain persists, let it sit for a few moments after treating with hydrogen peroxide. A few drops of ammonia may be added to the area if the hydrogen peroxide does not remove all of the stain. Rinse with water, apply an enzyme detergent and wash. If the stain still exists, treat with a powdered nonchlorinated color-safe bleach (like sodium percarbonate) and wash again.
WHITE WINE Rinse the area with cool water and apply the diluted dish-soap solution. After applying an enzyme detergent, launder as usual.
TEA OR COFFEE Rinse the area thoroughly with vinegar or lemon juice and then, if necessary, apply a stronger bleach. If the beverage contained milk or sugar, treat with diluted dishwashing-soap solution and then wash with an enzyme detergent.
GUM OR WAX First freeze the substance by placing in a freezer or applying ice cubes, then try to crack off as much as possible. To eliminate the remainder of the substance use an oil solvent or mineral spirits, rinsing with isopropyl alcohol. Allow to dry and use an enzyme detergent.
CHOCOLATE Remove as much chocolate as possible and apply the diluted dish soap. Treat with an enzyme detergent and wash according to care instructions.
(ketchup, BBQ, marinara)
Remove as much sauce as possible and treat stain with diluted dish soap before soaking in lukewarm water. Use white vinegar to eliminate any remaining color, then apply an enzyme detergent and wash as normal. If the stain is still present, apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, allowing it to sit. Finally, rinse and apply again with an enzyme detergent.
MUSTARD Rinse the area thoroughly with white vinegar and wash with dishwashing detergent.
VINAIGRETTE Follow the instructions for a grease stain and then rinse the area thoroughly with vinegar. Use an enzyme detergent.
SOY SAUCE Spray the diluted dishwashing soap and dab with a soft brush. Rinse with water and then dab with vinegar, allowing stain to sit for a few minutes before rinsing again. Hydrogen peroxide may be used to treat any remaining stain. If the stain persists after that, a few drops of ammonia may be added to the wetted area, which should then be rinsed with water. Apply an enzyme detergent to the area and wash according to garment care instructions. A nonchloronated color-safe bleach (like sodium percarbonate) may be used to treat the area if, after washing, the stain is still present. Finally, rewash the garment.
Using a can of aerosol hair spray, saturate the stain and allow it to sit for a few moments before laundering as normal.
First line the border of the stain with petroleum jelly to protect the area around it. Then determine whether isopropyl alcohol or water will more effectively remove the ink by the following test: Dip one cotton swab in water and another in isopropyl alcohol. Apply each to the stain and see which removes more ink. If the water-dipped cotton swab removed more, apply the diluted dishwashing soap to the stain, and then rinse with cold water. If the alcohol worked better, apply isopropyl alcohol to the stain. Use a dry solvent on any remaining pigment, and allow to dry. Flush with the diluted dishwashing soap solution and cold water. Then wash as directed by the garment care label.
MUD Remove as much mud as possible, then apply the diluted dishwashing soap solution and allow stain to soak. Finally, treat with an enzyme detergent and wash as usual.

In no event shall Jiffy Steamer Company, LLC be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, but not limited to, damaged or ruined clothing, damaged or ruined property or any other personal losses) arising out of the recommendations made in this guide.


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